Saturday, September 17, 2016

CNN Reporter Jim Acosta Loves Illegal Alien Killers, and Hates Their Victims, While Host Poppy Harlow is a Broken Glass Democrat, Who Will Aggressively, Tenaciously Lie on Behalf of Hillary Clinton



By Nicholas Stix

Earlier today, Acosta and other CNN operatives played the “mistake” game with Donald Trump, acting as if Trump had committed an outrage, by calling on Hilary Clinton to have her bodyguards disarmed, in order to conform to her anti-Second Amendment position, and lying about Clinton’s anti-Second Amendment stance.

Acosta mentioned Trump’s statement from the night before, and then said people were wondering if he was going to “clean up what he said last night,” which is Acosta’s way of editorializing against Trump. But Trump hadn’t said anything wrong, and then Acosta emphasized that Trump had re-affirmed what he’d said.

Either Acosta or Harlow reported that Clinton had charged that Trump was inciting violence against her, as if that were a perfectly reasonable statement, and not the blood libel it was.

Poppy Harlow was particularly aggressive for Team Hillary today. She had a panel of three people, only one of whom supported Trump, but with Harlow being a rabid Clintonite, it was actually 3-1 for Hillary, like on Don Lemon’s show.

When the lone pro-Trump panel member, a 40-something, blonde, white woman, pointed out that Trump was throwing Clinton’s Second Amendment hypocrisy in her face, Harlow lied like a Persian rug for her candidate, playing the “literal” game, asserting that Clinton had not said she wanted to eliminate the Second Amendment. Duh! Neither had “Obama”!

The Trump supporter pointed out that Clinton had said that she would appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn the pro-Second Amendment decision Heller, which meant she would gut the Second Amendment. Harlow would not relent, in lying about Clinton, and the Trump supporter eventually wimped out, saying, “That’s my personal opinion,” as if it were some irrational, idiosyncratic belief.

Back to Jim Acosta. He spoke of a meeting Trump had had with some shadowy, mysterious group that Acosta refused to name. Group X, said Acosta, “were wearing t-shirts with photos of their loved ones who, they say, were killed by undocumented immigrants.”

“They say.” So, not only would Acosta not name this wonderful organization, but he insinuated that its members were lying, and defaming respectable, foreign cut-throats.


The Stolen Lives Quilt is one of the big undertakings of The Remembrance Project, which exists to ensure that the public learns about the victims of foreign killers that Jim Acosta and his comrades want the public to remain ignorant, and in the shadows about

By the way, that all of the murder victims in the photographs on their family members’ shirts were murdered by illegal aliens is a matter of public record. This is not a matter of opinion. But what Acosta did was a matter of despicable opinion.

It was immediately clear to me that Acosta was talking about The Remembrance Project, a group of fine people, led by Maria Espinoza, whom I have met a few times in the Washington, D.C. area, where I have heard the grieving members speak, and met some of them, as well.


Anonymous said...

The fake outrage and false narratives are now boring and of small value to the lying Dems of the media.Trump makes a great point.Of course,the Dems(as in Demagogues?)know better,but fraudulently try to convince SOMEONE,who they must think has a low enough IQ(think blacks,Mex),to be conned into falling for this slanderous interpretation.
By using this tactic repeatedly,it becomes a case of,"The Sky is Falling".The return on investment of such tactics,becomes less and less for each attack of Trump's supposed outrageous remarks.
Any Dem,with an IQ over ghetto level,should be insulted by this ploy.For me,it shows how desperate they are.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

That quilt only a small portion of the whole I might imagine. And remember too the illegals killed being held by smugglers when the family in Mexico was not able to cough up enough ransom money.

Anonymous said...

Illegal alien gang bangers shooting and killing other illegal alien gang bangers can be included?