Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Negroes Never Let Facts Stand in the Way of Starting a Good Riot: In Charlotte, They Riot, in Response to a Police Failure-to-Die Incident; Running Updates from the Fog of War

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

Blacks Rioting in Charlotte

FOX News broke in at 1:15 a.m., to show video of more grist for Lesta Holt... white cop shoots armed black (says the police), or an unarmed black (says the blacks). Rioting ensues. Police wounded.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 1:24:00 A.M. EDT

In Charlotte, it appears a black cop shot the black perp. Now dey's gonna riot ovah dat, too?

Maybe the truth is the blacks don't want anyone (black OR white cop) interfering with the crime scene they are immersed in. Of course, it helps the liberal narrative, when whitey does the shooting. What will Lesta say tonight?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 10:49:00 A.M. EDT

(Heavy) Rioting and unrest erupted in Charlotte, North Carolina over the police shooting of father of seven Keith Lamont Scott, intensifying throughout the night, as fires were set, trucks looted, and officers wounded.

The outrage – which led to the injuries of at least a dozen officers, one by a rock – was fueled, in part, by a dramatic and expletive-laden video that Scott’s daughter, Lyric, streamed on Facebook Live immediately after the shooting, in which she claimed police shot her father because he was black.

Scott’s brother said on video that all white people are f–king devils, although the officer who shot and killed Scott was also African-American. Negroes never let facts stand in the way of starting a good riot.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 11:12:00 A.M. EDT


Anonymous said...

The perp was 43 years old--with 7 kids.That,in a nutshell,is why blacks are taking over the big cities.Did you see all the black cops and black government types,at the presser?It's like watching another country,another continent--maybe Africa?You can't be optimistic,seeing what's happening across the United States.

jeigheff said...

This might sound like baloney, but here goes. When I heard Donald Trump speak in Austin, Texas several weeks ago at his rally in Austin, Texas, I knew I was going to experience some hoopla before I went. One buddy of mine told me that he'd read that Trump's speech that night had little of substance. I personally was surprised at how much Trump talked about black Americans that night, and what he would do for them. He spoke at some length about crime and unsafe neighborhoods, and how he would help decent black Americans live safer lives.

Today I found myself wondering if Trump's speech might have more than one meaning. If Trump is elected and if he comes down hard on crime, blacks will be given a choice. Decent, sane blacks will have nothing to fear from Trump. The, uh, other ones will find that the rules of the game will have changed, hopefully to their disadvantage.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte Riots--the Sequel
Just when you thought it was safe to go back (Not with ALL THOSE BLACKS running around).
Someone shot seriously tonight,as the blacks prove again,that a day of factual dissemination--meant nothing.They are rioting for the sake of rioting aka Ferguson.
This is the situation they love--chaos,anarchy.So far 7 police injured tonight,one civilian shot in the head.
No reason.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

It's pretty frightening at how quickly people will jump on these bandwagons with out checking out the facts.

What scares me is that it doesn't seem that the rioters are being arrested for car jacking, property damage and looting.

What rational person decides to run amok in a mob and shut down a state highway then proceed to stop cars to pull innocent drivers out? terrifying.

The governor should have called in the National Guard already or some militia.