Tuesday, September 13, 2016

British Man Who Sought to Assassinate Donald Trump Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charges, Plays Crazy Card, and May Not Receive Any Punishment: “‘I plead guilty, your honor," Sandford told U.S. District Judge James Mahan when asked for his plea to being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm and disrupting an official function


Would-be assassin Michael Sandford is taken into custody on June 18, 2016, at Trump rally

By Reader-Researcher RC

“British man pleads guilty in Trump attack case in Las Vegas

“LAS VEGAS (AP) — A British man pleaded guilty Tuesday in U.S. federal court to trying to grab a police officer's gun and open fire at a June campaign rally for presidential candidate Donald Trump in Las Vegas. Standing before a judge in orange jail clothes with the …”

At the San Francisco Chronicle.”


Anonymous said...

Illegal alien [a whitey illegal too] with weapon and disrupting a Presidential campaign official function. And his punishment is probation and merely deportation?

That is all? I guess so.

Anonymous said...

That slightly built Englishman is getting a free pass more or less. He did the right thing however. It would not be good for him to be locked up in prison as slightly built as he is. American prisons full of big strong and hate filled black men would not have agreed with him.

Anonymous said...

Was that Trumps "Bernie Sanders/BLM moment" yesterday,when the fat black woman pastor came out to interrupt him from slamming HRC?(in Flint).
"You ain't s'posed ta bee tawkin' politics out heere".
He should have said,"Or what,Aunt Jemima?".
Of course,Lesta Holt and Don Lemon would have flown to Flint immediately.But it was a lesson learned,I'm sure,that Trump found out about big mouth blacks.They obey the rules ALL THE TIME you know.Hypocrites.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"You ain't s'posed ta bee tawkin' politics out heere".

THEY are ALWAYS talking politics from da' pulpit.