Thursday, September 22, 2016

See This Picture of Keith Scott’s Book (Branco Political Cartoon)


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Branco is a genius.

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One, two, three, many James Woods

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jerry pdx
The difference between how a white rapist and a black rapist is treated by the media illustrated with these two stories:

In 2014 Jeffrey Mcallister, a white male nurse, was arrested for sexually abusing multiple female patients. His story got major local coverage, every outlet ran stories, I even spotted national headlines on the East Coast. I remember our local "news"paper the Oregonian gave him a full page spread just inside the front cover along with one of his victims, an obese, rather hideous, black woman named Kamai Armstrong, her face and her speech to him about feeling dehumanized etc... was prominently featured. Yes, that rarity, a white man raping a black woman was instantly spotted by the PC fanatics and made sure to be promoted heavily while our plague of black on white rapes is never mentioned. There was, in fact, on the opposite page a small bit about a black man raping a white woman, no picture or details but I found some info online.

Adeladilew Mekonen a black male nursing assistant was arrested for sexually abusing elderly female patients, police know of 2 victims so far and believe there are more, the investigation is still underway, he is likely a serial rapist. However, there have been no full page stories in our local "news"paper, nor will there be, I can tell you that right now. I haven't spotted any national coverage but most of the local outlets have given it token mention but no sensational coverage, as they did with the Mcallister case, there will be little in the way of follow up stories, unlike Mcallister which dragged on for months, I've seen that pattern many times. None of his victims are going to be making any speeches about feeling dehumanized and wouldn't get covered if they did, that doesn't happen when the perps are black men and the victims white.

Being a male nurse put men in a position they can exploit helpless females and this sort of thing does happen, I've seen other stories of both black and white sex abusers, though it's clear it's disproportionately more black men than there should be, which is typical anywhere. You wouldn't know it from the media though, it makes it very difficult to argue this subject with liberals and afroracists because they see these newspaper stories but don't see through the media manipulations in regard to race sex violence. The links to these stories are below:

Anonymous said...

Jerry,I've mentioned this before about how certain behavior by Muslims (rape,beheadings,murder)is being pushed by media,as a kind of normal--something to be ACCEPTED.It's being done by omission,or reduced coverage.Also,the more instances that crime like this occur,the less it's reported.That's why Chicago only gives a 30 second mention of each black on black murder,on the radio station I listen to,WBBM.It's ACCEPTED AS NORMAL!.It's blended right in with city hall corruption,or stock market updates.Sad.
But when a white person commits a heinous crime,it's still shocking-and gets extra airplay,for that reason.On the other hand,society has long ago,accepted black crime,in a subconscious way,as a way that blacks behave.Police expect it,judges expect it,the ghetto populace expect it-because it happens all the time.
In otherwards normal doesn't make the news.Black crime is normal,white crime is not.
That's one aspect.The other is,of course,liberal,white reverse racism.Both reasons are not acceptable to me,and I voice my complaints in the appropriate manner.

--GR Anonymous