Sunday, September 18, 2016

Black Boilerplate

Click on the fine print, to read the drill.


Anonymous said...

This starts like a joke...because the TV show I'm going to discuss,IS a joke.

A black,a Mexican and a white appeared on the (black,Aunt Jemima-ish)Joy Reid show this morning (MSNBC).I was flipping channels and landed there for exactly 2 minutes.
Reid,is a fast talking black,along the lines of Louise Jefferson--but about 1/10th the intelligence. (Maybe if Norman Lear wrote her dialogue...)
Of course she was foaming her fat mouth about "The Birther Controversy".She played a clip from Kellye Ann Conaway saying that,"the Clintons started this in 2008,while running against fact,they sent someone to AFRICA to check it all out".
Back to Reid,who was talking like an auctioneer,repeating the-"back to Africa"
The black guy was first:"Trump is a pathological liar and so is Conaway.There is no proof the Clintons did any of what Trump and Conaway are saying".
I didn't wait for the other two to respond,because I've seen this show before.
The Mexican says,"Si",the white guy tries to argue against the other three,but gets cut off.
CLICK,went the remote control.Time for sports.
MSNBC--Mainly Sickening Negro Bullsh*t
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen Obama clips from his black Caucus speech last night?Scary stuff--talking about his legacy and blacks would be "letting him down personally",if they didn't go out to vote for Hillary Clinton.His tone was manic and almost Hitleresque.
I watched this on "Meet the Press",where Alex Castellanos-a Trump surrogate,had to fight off a black,who looked like Don King Jr AND Katy Tur.
The more NBC I watch,the more I pray (figuratively)that Trump pulls this off.Pennsylvania is going to be tough....and unless he can pull Michigan,my homestate off,I don't know if he can do it.
--GR Anonymous

Nicholas said...


Trump cannot win without an army of poll-watchers in every state with a sizable black and/or Hispanic population.

Anonymous said...

"without an army of poll-watchers in every state with a sizable black and/or Hispanic population."

In 2012 one Philadelphia precinct alone counted 40,000 votes for Obama and ZERO for Romney. A statistical impossibility. In all elections SOME persons vote and cast a ballot for the wrong candidate. Always.