Thursday, September 22, 2016

Trump and Blacks: The Choice

By Jeigheff

This might sound like baloney, but here goes.

When I heard Donald Trump speak several weeks ago at his rally in Austin, Texas, I knew I was going to experience some hoopla before I went. One buddy of mine told me that he'd read that Trump's speech that night had little of substance. I personally was surprised at how much Trump talked about black Americans that night, and what he would do for them. He spoke at some length about crime and unsafe neighborhoods, and how he would help decent black Americans live safer lives.

Today I found myself wondering if Trump's speech might have more than one meaning. If Trump is elected and if he comes down hard on crime, blacks will be given a choice. Decent, sane blacks will have nothing to fear from Trump. The, uh, other ones will find that the rules of the game will have changed, hopefully to their disadvantage.

N.S.: In Heather Mac Donald’s new book, The War on Cops, she spoke to numerous young blacks in crime-ravaged neighborhoods, before the police got handcuffed. They said they almost never got stopped and frisked, because the coppers know who the bad guys were.

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