Saturday, September 17, 2016

And the First Birther was… (Drum Roll, Incriminating Photographs)



By Nicholas Stix

“Barack Obama”! He used the above biography for several years, through his literary agents. He had no complaint, and certainly didn’t denounce it as “racist!”

Thanks to John Squibb (!


Edward J. Acton and Jane Dystel were "Obama's" literary agents and co-conspirators


Anonymous said...

Maybe this can all be solved by Anthony Anderson,on "Black To Tell the Truth"(which is,of course an oxymoron).Wonder if THIS will hit the NY Times and WAPO and CNN and Lesta Holt.Is this somewhat legit Nicholas?Or what's the story?

Nicholas said...


Breitbart exposed this scam four or five years ago. I think it was called, "Vetting Barack Obama." Instead of the media talking about it, they covered it up, and put Breitbart on their enemies' list.

Anonymous said...

He worked for NYPIRG. that explains everything. They treat their rank and file workers very badly and screw them out of commissions all the time.