Sunday, September 11, 2016

Where’s Hillary? After Yet Another Medical Incident, the Clinton Campaign is Stonewalling the Press, as to the Democrat Candidate’s Condition and Location, and Whether She is Even Conscious; but Have No Fear—CNN’s Brian Stelter, Kate Bolduan, et al., Will Continue to Mock the Concerns of Any and All Observers

By Nicholas Stix

Will she also blame her fainting spell at the 9/11 commemoration ceremony on Donald Trump?

Will she survive 'til the election on November 8?


Anonymous said...

It's the heat!!!Why is SHE the only one,in the ENTIRE CROWD,to feint?This is as obvious as the nose on her husband Bill's face.The evidence is overwhelming.
CLinton came out of her daughter's apartment later on (after getting one of her shots from her "black handler",I assume),to say she "felt great".
I feel great also,knowing more doubt is creeping into her campaign.

Anonymous said...

JFK was in poor health during his Presidency. Drugged extensively for pain, taking "feel good" illegal drugs, etc.

But it is a different world now. What was acceptable [no reporting of the health condition] back in the days of JFK is not acceptable now.

Anonymous said...

The worst of all reporters is Andrea Mitchell,who is in Clinton's hip pocket.Clinton OWNS her.Mitchell was on,post-faint,saying,"Everything is fine.Hillary's health is good.I see her every day,cover her--and I see no problems". (Except for the occasional fits of coughing,fainting,being helped up the stairs etc).
The fainting,of course,goes back to 2012-at least-when Clinton fainted and suffered a blood clot in the brain,from presumably hitting her head during the fall.
There was another injury,I remember--either a broken leg,or arm suffered from some event.
Mitchell should be removed from her job.She has no objectivity anymore--or she needs to see an optometrist.I think SHE has health problems as well.Holt,Tur,Hallie Jackson...all crony reporters with no qualms about broadcasting where they're political support lies.
All should be fired.
--GR Anonymous