Sunday, September 04, 2016

Racist, Black Career Criminal, Raymond Lindsey Jr., 46, was Offered a Sweet Deal—Time Served (19 Months) for Assaulting a Policeman, Multiple Counts of Threatening to Murder Individual Policemen, but Chose to Roll the Dice, and Got Sentenced to 40 Years; Now, He Says He’s the victim of a “Conspiracy”!


One of the many mug shots of Raymond Lindsey

By Reader-Researcher AL

At the Houston Chronicle.


Anonymous said...

Tell him to try to spell,"Conspiracy".I'll bet he doesn't do it.It's spelled:
J U S T I C E.

-GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

This is one dumb bunny. We have to clear about this. If the man admitted his guilt he would have been let go. NOW he has to face forty years. One dumb bunny. He will undoubtedly say he got bad legal representation.