Monday, September 05, 2016

Narcissist, Openly Lesbian Soccer star Megan Rapinoe Follows Colin Kaepernick, in Kneeling for Anthem

By Reader-Researcher RC

Soccer star kneels during anthem in nod to Colin Kaepernick

"Outspoken soccer star Megan Rapinoe said, 'It's the least I can do. Keep the conversation going.'"

She needs to be tossed from a minaret.

US Women Led by a Lesbian and a Lunatic | The Z Blog

"Imagine if the US men’s soccer team went into the World Cup led by a wife beater and a flamboyant homosexual. The news, of course, would be all about the ..."


Anonymous said...

The freaks stick together.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of racism in this country. Look at the way the negro attacks and kills the elderly white.