Monday, September 05, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton at Death’s Door?

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

ABC News just reported that Hillary had a five-minute coughing fit on stage today, while campaigning in Ohio.

Phlegm at 11.


Anonymous said...

In a follow up,guess who DIDN'T mention one word of the coughing attack?
If you said,"NBC's Negro Nightly News"-you'd win today's prize (Halls cherry cough drops).
In fact,it was a full blown "assault on Trump" day,as first Andrea Mitchell and then,Katy Tur took turns trying to boost HRC up and simultaneously reporting on new Trump whisperings-as fact
"She had a press conference on her airplane",gushed Mitchell,without reporting that a coughing fit closed that show down prematurely.
Then Tur,with particular viciousness,had 2 minutes of Trump innuendo and opinion,all under the pretense of factual news.
Lesta Holt,took the day off today,but the bias shown on a regular basis during this "news"cast-did not.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

MSNBC Cuts Live Coverage As Hillary Has "One Of The Worst Coughing Fits Ever" - Blames 'Seasonal Allergies'

Unfortunately for Hillary, her earlier coughing fit was not a lone wolf attack. Right in the middle of her "Russia-Trump Conspiracy" lecture to reporters aboard her plan, she was forced to cut short her story by another "seasonal allergy" attack (odd aboard was is likely a heavily filtered air cabin), retreating to the safety of the front seats withe the reappearance of her African American 'handler' once again. Upon her return she explained that "we went back and checked and this happens to me every Labor day." Which seems odd... one assumes that any ill-timed meeting of world-leaders will have to take place in a hermetically-sealed room from now on...
GRA:You HAVE to check the video clip of her--on the plane,talking,coughing and then disappearing for the rest of the flight-not to be seen again,until landing.Damn strange cough.