Thursday, September 01, 2016

A Positive Consequence of the Obama Effect: Moments Ago, America's Legendary Gun Maker Smith & Wesson Reported Q1 Earnings Which, Not Surprisingly, Beat Estimate on the Top and Bottom Line, Reporting EPS of $0.62, Far Above the $0.53 Expected, and 93% Higher Compared to a Year Earlier, on Revenue...

By Reader-Researcher RC

"Smith & Wesson Forecasts Record Quarterly Revenue as Earnings Soar 93%

"SWHC just guided to what would be a new all time high in revenue, predicting a sasles [sic] range of $220-$230 for the coming quarter, whose midpoint would make it the highest revenue quarter in company history."

At Zero Hedge.

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Anonymous said...

Roots of gun ownership(or one explanation of why profits are doing so well).
Smith & Wesson manufactures gun>Gun bought at retail store by citizen>Gun stolen by black thug from gun owner>black thug arrested for shooting with stolen gun>Gun recovered.>Gun owner buys new gun to replace stolen gun>new gun stolen by black thug>Old gun returned to gun owner>black thug steals old gun from gun owner>With two guns,black thug gives one to his fellow gang member>both thugs shoot people,guns discarded>Smith and Wesson manufactures gun>gun bought at retail store by citizen,looking to own a gun after 2 guns were stolen>new gun stolen by black thug....And the beat goes on.
--GR Anonymous