Thursday, September 01, 2016

New York City: A Hispanic Man Pleaded Not Guilty on Thursday to Charges that He Shot Dead a Muslim Cleric and His Associate Last Month on the Street After They Left a Mosque in Queens, Prosecutors Said; Oscar Morel, 36, is Facing Murder and Weapons Charges

"N.Y. man pleads not guilty to killings of imam, associate

"A New York man pleaded not guilty on Thursday to charges that he shot dead a Muslim cleric and his associate last month on the street after they left a mosque in Queens, prosecutors said."

Brown-on-brown crime?

Nothing to see here.

Move along.

Move along.



Anonymous said...

Dog bites man. Or is it dog bites dog? Not newsworthy. But if it was a whitey killing the two Muslims. Watch out then.

Anonymous said...

What is the immigration status of this Oscar? Undoubtedly too for statistical record keeping purposes Oscar will be counted as a WHITE man? And of course this will all be counted for record keeping purposes as a hate crime as perpetrated by a white man.