Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Slap: In the Heat of the Night: The Remake, Jim Snow-Style



By Nicholas Stix

Remember in Norman Jewison’s liberal race movie/murder mystery, In the Heat of the Night, when a white aristocrat in the Jim Crow South slaps black big-city homicide detective Virgil Tibbs (Sidney Poitier) across the face for not knowing his palce? What does Tibbs do? He slaps him right back!
Under Jim Snow, blacks smack whites across the face (or worse) all the time for not knowing their place… but the whites almost never smack their tormentors back.


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Anonymous said...

Jerry pdx
You gotta love it when blacks receive karmic backlash...Willamette Week had a front page article re Erica Jones a black female teacher, gets hired from back east in an attempt to "diversify" teaching staff at local school. She is abrasive, verbally abusive and difficult to work with (surprise) then claims racial double standards when fired. Is it that simple? Maybe not quite, I actually might agree with her on a few points but overall it's her own race issues that I suspect were the root of everything.

She recycles the old claim that there was a double standard in how black kids are being disciplined, yes, it's a standard accusation from blacks and while I do believe black kids get disciplined at greater rates I also think there are reasons for it that have to do with culturally ingrained behaviors and excuse making in the black community. As evidence she cites two incidents. She states in there that a "mixed race" boy was suspended for multiple days for smacking a teachers hand while a "white boy" who pushed her and threatened her physically was only suspended for a day. If both incidents happened as she says then yes, it appears there was a double standard but you would have to be there to be sure. If she is telling the truth (and we know blacks are the paragons of truth), then I certainly think the white kid should have been disciplined more, actually I think the little shit should have been expelled. What she doesn't realize is that the whole idea of not disciplining kids stems from blacks themselves screaming only black kids are getting punished in school for misbehavior, of course the fact that it's misbehaving black kids doing the complaining and telling the stories doesn't seem to have any impact on people believing them.
So Ms. Jones can't speak to a kid the slightest bit crosswise because if you can't discipline a black kid then you can't discipline a white kid, so now bad white kids as well as bad black kids are acting up more.
One thing black teachers don't understand or won't acknowledge is that black kids may very well behave much better with them, while white teachers get disrespected much more. That's not something that would ever be suggested because it puts blame on kids and lord knows we can't expect personal responsibility from the.