Thursday, October 08, 2015

NY1 Reports that All Three Would-be Cop-Killer Suspects from Attack Last Night in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, are Black and/or Hispanic, and are in Custody

By Nicholas Stix

I saw this on TV about an hour ago. Of course, NY1 didn’t announce the suspects’ races, and that’s how I know they weren’t white. It did, however, announce that one suspect was 24, another was 21, and that all three were “males.” (The undercover cops, whom the bad guys easily identified, shot the first suspect in the leg, when they returned fire. They caught him at the hospital, when he went for treatment.)

Criminal suspects’ race and ethnicity is much more important than their age. If you’re not going to give the information people want to know, why give anything? And since the public suddenly has no right to its curiosity, why even report the story, in the first place? But the public will remember, the next time the media assert that “the public has a right to know” something.

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