Saturday, October 10, 2015

North Charleston Leaders Have Come Up with a Deal to Make the Michael Slager-Walter Scott Case Go Away (Sort of); My New VDARE Report is Up!


Who was the vic, and who the perp? No matter. The powers that be have decided that they’ll simply sacrifice the white cop.

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“The Michael Slager-Walter Scott Murder Case: ‘Hugely Incompetent’—Read the Exclusive Interview with Michael Slager’s Defense Attorney, Andy Savage.”]

Christian Science Monitor’s Prescription for Peace: (1) Bribe Blacks, Regardless of Guilt; (2) Crucify Whites, Regardless of Innocence
By Nicholas Stix
October 9, 2015, 10:20 p.m.

An astonishing reportorial in the Christian Science Monitor claims that North Charleston’s “response to police officer Michael Slager’s fatal shooting of Mr. Scott as a blueprint for communities around the United States” [What cities can learn from North Charleston’s handling of police shooting by Corey Fedde, October 9, 2015]. The “blueprint” consists of (1) massive bribes to blacks, regardless of guilt; (2) crucifixion of whites, regardless of innocence. Chillingly absent: any consciousness of facts or law. It’s just politics—another step in the Regime’s systematic de-policing of America, egged on by Main Stream Media.

I last wrote about the Slager case to report an exclusive interview with his lawyer, Andy Savage, in which he made serious allegations about suppression of exculpatory evidence and other politically-motivated prosecutorial misconduct. Savage also told me that a bond hearing for Slager had finally been scheduled—in an extraordinary move, his client had been held in custody, in solitary confinement, since April 7….

(Read the whole thing here.)


Judge Clifton Newman, who is presiding over the case, has refused to grant Officer Michael Slager bond, at any price

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