Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How Can You Tell that a Policeman is Lying About the Motive Behind a Murder?


Confessed murderer Thomas Johnson

Well, his lips are moving, aren’t they?

Some of the code phrases that betray a cop’s lies:

The “gruesome” murder was “Absolutely random.”

The vic was in the “Wrong place at the wrong time.”

The heinous gang-rape-torture-murder had “Absolutely nothing to do with race.”

How often do you hear of a black-on-black murder being “Absolutely random”?

“Why are Black-on-White Murders Called ‘Random’” (VDARE)?


Anonymous said...

"Botched robbery" is another term used by the men and women in blue. - Prince George's County Ex-Pat.

David In TN said...

I did a Google search on this atrocity and every one of the 20 or so stories I checked used "random." Sometimes it was "random jogger."

I've seen "random" worked in about everything from the Zebra Murders to the Knoxville Horror.

David In TN said...

Patti Stevens, wife of the "random" victim Dave Stevens, has committed suicide.

Nicholas said...

Yeah, I read about it last night. This is has gone too far.