Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hear a Feisty, Tireless, Immigration Patriot Grandma in Oregon, with Virtually No Money, and No MSM or Party Political Support, Tell of How She Triumphed in Rolling Back Driver's Licenses for Illegals! (Video)



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I thank the old friend who sent me this video. I was present at Cynthia Kendoll’s speech, and she is one of America’s great, unsung, living heroes. The immigration reform movement has never had much money, but it’s never lacked in the hero department.

The Battle to Stop Driver's Licenses for Illegals in Oregon
The Social Contract Press

Cynthia Kendoll, Oregonians for Immigration Reform, and Protect Oregon Drivers Licenses discusses the Battle to Stop Driver's Licenses for Illegals in Oregon.

Oregon passed a law in 2013 giving illegal aliens the highly coveted state issued ID in the form of a driver card. The issue committee Protect Oregon Driver Licenses was formed to place the question on the ballot, thus allowing voters to approve or overturn the law. The referendum is being voted on in the 2014 Oregon general election.

Presented at the Social Contract Writers' Workshop on October 12, 2014.

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