Saturday, October 03, 2015

European Feminists are Ready to Embrace Refugee Diversity! (Posters)

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Anonymous said...

Every once in a while a 1st world white female will reveal her underlying awareness that mass immigration from the 3rd world is heavily skewed toward young single males. That tweet is one of those moments, usually they are on guard with plenty of liberal cliches regarding immigration: They're just searching for a "better life"...blah blah... Yes, a better life that includes a white wife because they can't afford a wife in Muslim countries due to polygamy or in asian countries because of female infanticide.
This is an issue of validation for white females in the 1st world. The more men they have chasing them the more sexually powerful they feel as women, the fact that a large percentage of those men feel it's within their right to take sex by force, and many of them will, is just collateral damage and in their minds, an acceptable risk. Will any of them admit this is asked directly? Of course not, they'll reveal it at unguarded moments but never openly.
Of course, this all begs the question: Why would a heterosexual man, and there are many, also support this mass emigration of misogynistic males? First off, many are in denial of the skewed gender ratio and if you ask them they'll deny it's true and tell you he knows immigrants that are single young women. That's not statistics of course and they never bother to actually notice that along with those few young women immigrants there's ten times as many male ones. That's the mind of a liberal though, pretty divorced from reality.
Secondly, they are in fear of being labeled "anti immigrant" and therefore racist so they support the status quo to maintain a image they feel they need to present to the world. When their female friends or relatives are harassed or assaulted by these men they are ready with excuses like: Not all of them are like that! That one was one of the exceptions! Ignoring of course, the misogyny built into the Muslim religion and many 3rd world societies.
Also, a lot of those men who support mass immigration are homosexuals. I recall during the Cuban boat lift, that fact that Castro rounded up a lot of homosexual men and forced them onto the boats was publicized, I remember male gay activists went into action and started agitating about how these gay men needed to be given sanctuary. Their lust toward all that potential young flesh was palpable. The combination of naive self centered females, clueless liberal white males and homosexual men is a pretty potent alliance, of course they are simply acting as agents toward the wealthy elites who want those bodies for labor but those clueless puppets will never figure that out.
Jerry pdx