Sunday, October 04, 2015

Black Immigrant Mass Murderer Chris Harper Mercer was a Satanist


Black Immigrant Umpqua CC mass murderer Chris Harper Mercer

By Nicholas Stix

At People.



David In TN said...

The most recent commenters at the People article seem to know the score. A "manifesto" is mentioned but "hasn't been released."

Anonymous said...

The coverup is ratcheting up. Now there are calls to make him completely anonymous. Is is coincidence that this is happening when it's a black shooter? Particularly one the media has been pretending to be white. Jerry pdx

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I've been watching the articles re Chris Harper Mercer in the Oregonian and noticed that not only has our local "news"paper been ignoring Mercer's race the commenter's, who usually call the Oregonian on it's hypocrisy are absent in the comment fields. I can't believe they aren't calling the paper out on this one so I tried to post a comment myself. It's there at this moment but I have a feeling it's going to go down the memory hole. They used to allow those kind of comments but they might be censoring any comment re race now, I'll keep you posted. Here is the comment:

Every detail of the shooter's life is being analyzed down to the minutest detail and published by the media - except one. Chris Harper's mother was a black woman, her name is Laurel Margaret Harper. You can find no mention of her name or a photo in any mainstream news outlet. His white father and some of his white relatives have been interviewed and their pictures shown, none of his black relatives have been shown in the media. We are also being told he is a white supremacist, sympathetic toward the IRA and hated black men, sounds like the profile of a white male and nobody's contradicting that. No mention has been made of his bizarre contradictory hatred toward men of his own race. You'd think it'd be a key element to understanding his psychosis but the media has ignored it completely. At what point is the mainstream media going to even MENTION he is not white.

Anonymous said...

Wait till the shooter's funeral. I'm sure his mother and other blood relatives will be there. - Prince George's County Ex-Pat.

Anonymous said...

speaking of manginas....

Jerry pdx
I don't know if you are aware of this incident but Matt Damon's liberal credentials were called into questions when he got in a testy exchange with a female black director over the question of merit vs. diversity. I don't really know much about the Greenlight Project but it appears to be a project designed to find and evaluate new movie making talent. Effie Brown is a black female director who apparently was telling the rest of the panel (all white) that they needed to give the diversity of a team consideration as well as the actual merit of their work. You can listen to it yourself and decide what she actually meant but I've listened to it and my opinion is Matt Damon was correct, he actually gone a lot farther with his repudiation and that Ms. Brown is racist and biased.
Matt Damon was, of course, excoriated and his liberalism questioned, so he "apologized". The first link is to the discussion itself and the 2nd to his "apology". For once I'd like to see someone just stick to their guns and to hell with fake accusations of racism.