Thursday, October 08, 2015

Black Ethics Matter! Leading Black Educator and Role Model Barbara Byrd Bennett Stole $23,000,000 from the Chicago Public Schools


Many of the pictures of felonious black educator and role model Barbara Byrd Bennett also contain the white man on her right, former Bill Clinton enforcer and “Barack Obama” chief of staff, currently Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel.

By “W”

The Chicago Tribune just notified us that the black female supremo of the city schools is going to plead guilty in a $23,000,000 rip-off. Before going to Chi-town, she was head of the “schools” in Cleveland. Black Ethics Matter!

A Google search under the felon’s name.


Anonymous said...

Kevin Johnson may be worse than Bill Cosby, I don't think he'll knock Cosby out of the headlines though, the media won't want more than one black man in the news accused of heinous sex crimes. Jerry pdx

Anonymous said...

"Black ethics",oxymoron of the day.Others include Educated Blacks, Black Intelligence, Black Leadership, Working Blacks, Black Involvement (as in helping police during investigations)and Black Crime...wait that one is true.