Tuesday, June 16, 2015

White Race and Hate Crime Hoaxer Rachel Dolezal Declares, “I Identify as Black”


Rachel Dolezal, pre-hoax

By “W”

She may prefer to self-identify as Black, but from now on she will just have to try to live with her White Privilege. By the way, I’d like to identify with the Hohenzollerns and spend my summers at the last Kaiser’s estate in Doorn, Netherlands, near Utrecht.



Dolezal in her black act


Anonymous said...

Her black kid showed up on TV it all makes sense.Another white girl gone down the drain.I won t waste another moment on her existance.

Nicholas said...

I don't think she has given birth to any children, though she may have adopted.

Anonymous said...

13 year old black kid said she was his mom and could be adopted I suppose.Either way, she has decided on a black lifestyle which is even more similar now that she s resigned her job and is sitting at