Saturday, June 13, 2015

Under Racial Socialism (aka Affirmative Action), Whites are Rewarded for Lying About Their Race (Photos)


Anonymous said...

Well, the woman lied in that she probably filled out forms and applications and such where the race had to be listed and she said negro.

She is more or less a pure white and has done a lot of bad to herself, the skin color, the hair, etc. Maybe even from when she was the young the photo shows a possible nose job to make the nostrils further apart.

Anonymous said...

The story of this woman was national news. When interviewed on TV and asked if she was African-American she sat there for 16 seconds, did not answer, then said "she did not understand the question" and walked off the TV set. So she did not evade the question nor she lie, she merely gave a generic and ambiguous answer to avoid the truth. Obvious she had thought this all through.

Anonymous said...

The woman also made numerous complaints to the local police about racial "hate" incidents directed against her. She seems to be the perpetrator of the incidents which are now seen as being false.

The "Black Like Me" man got injections and sat under the tanning bed for a time to make his skin dark. But still had the overall appearance of a whitey man so his story too is controversial that what actually happened occurred as he wrote it did.

Anonymous said...

Using the mail to forward a false application is of itself a federal crime. Mail fraud and can be harshly punished.