Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Struggle Against the Humor Menace Continues!

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

Here is a case of a black male teacher molesting an 11 yr. old female student:

I've seen reports of others in the past but they don't get reported as widely as white teahers. The media particularly loves the lurid headlines of good looking white female teachers having sex with male students, one would think that's the norm but reality is that male teachers are far more likely to molest female students than vice versa. According to Afroracists only white teachers are molesters, a common accusation they make anytime you argue with them. They think what they see on TV is reality they are utterly incapable of perceiving any kind of media manipulation. That is largely due to the politically correct bias of the media which creates a fantasy world they feel comfortable in believing in, though also due to the extremely poor critical thinking skills of black America. Jerry PDX

riches said...

"Here is a case ..." It is no such thing. The provided link goes to something unrelated to 11yr. olds, female students, or black teachers for that matter.