Thursday, June 04, 2015

Quota Queen Sheryl Sandberg Puts Her Brand on Grieving: She was a Publicity-Whore Feminist and a Jerk Before Her Husband Died, and His Death Has Not Humanized Her

By Nicholas Stix

Minutes ago, in one of its countless moron fodder features, CNN gave yet another platform to Sheryl Sandberg, a talentless affirmative action feminist who got rich and famous, based solely on her sex. It seems that Sandberg’s husband, David Goldberg, suddenly died recently at 47, so she is now an expert on motherhood (as if she had raised her own children), grieving, and platitudes, not to mention repeating platitudes that famous people happened to have uttered or repeated at some time.

(How come she and her husband had different last names? Weren’t they legally married? Or was she married to her father?)

CNN was also using Sandberg for its own political shilling, of course. Its content reader asserted that Sandberg is now a “single mom.” If Sandberg was married Goldberg, she cannot now be a single mother. She’s a widow. Besides which, she was never a mother in any but the biological sense. Her contempt for motherhood is a matter of public record. For feminists like Sandberg, fake “mothers” who pay poor women to raise their children (usually illegal aliens, because they don't want to pay market rate), and fake “executives” who have affirmative action jobs, the kids are mere status symbols proving to the world they can “have it all.” (Sandberg is also a fake author.) Actually, for all their money and influence, they have nothing of substance.

An example CNN gave of Sandberg’s newfound wisdom on grieving, was that one is no longer permitted to ask a grieving person, “How are you?” Now, one must instead ask, “How are you today?”

What is the point? The point is that if we change the way we speak to the grief-stricken, we will always remember, in the back of our mind, that we are doing as Sheryl Sandberg ordered us to. Look for another ghost-written book with Sandberg’s name on it, on the art of grieving.

The only winner in all of this was David Goldberg. He is now free at last of Sandberg, and won’t have to go through the inevitable divorce and loss of millions of dollars, supporting his liberated spouse.

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Anonymous said...

Uncensored, for sure! Well done!

You wrote exactly what I've been thinking.

Everyone, even on the conservative sites, has gone all weepy-weepy about that hateful harridan. It just gives her another chance to promote herself.

She reminds me of a Jackie Mason joke (which doesn't apply generally, but might apply here): Do you know why Jewish men die before their wives? Because they want to.