Friday, June 05, 2015

Prosecutors to (Hispanic) “Long Island Man”: We’ll Give You the Murder for Free, if You Take the Rape of the 11-Year-Old Who Bore Your Child, and We’ll Save You About 50 Years; Media Act as if He weren’t Guilty of Rape


Mug shot of Jeffry Rosales


At the Daily News.

[N.S.: A sample of four consecutive reader comments follows. I’d have voted and commented, but the Daily News permablocked me years ago, and doesn’t even permit me to vote.]

Joshua Smith
He's a 30+ yo man who impregnated a preteen girl.... He's here to do the work Americans dont want to do!

10 hours ago
Ange Roquelaure

This will become the new normal, what, with all of that flotsam and jetsam from south of the border spilling onto our shores like garbage from a broken pinata.

5 hours ago
Elise Baker

Race has nothing to do with it. Plenty of white child molesters out there.


29 minutes ago
Joshua Smith

sure it does! Having sex with young girls is a part of their culture! Here it is frowned upon but down there.... it is as normal as taking the kids to the park!

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