Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Missouri City, Texas: Masked Men Commit Two Home Invasion Robberies of Indian Businessmen Ten Days Apart in the Same, Overpriced Subdivision

By A Texas Reader

Knuckle-dragger from the Third World.

Poetic justice IMO.

“‘Bleeding everywhere, but it was only coming from one spot,’ Elias Chaluparambil said. ‘It was spreading all over.’”


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Anonymous said...

Interesting that the victims are members of the US south indian chamber of commerce. What the hell is that? There's probably quite a few "Patels from Hell"in that group, trying to figure out how to defraud Americans by any means possible. What have Indians contributed? They will say the zero and they are correct. From fake gurus and swamis, Indians know fraud more than any thing else.