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Judge Grants Chandra Levy’s Savage, Illegal Alien, Gang-Banger Killer (and Almost Certainly, Rapist), Ingmar Guandique, a New Trial; Killer’s Lawyers Want Him Released on Bond (So He Can Flee the Country); AP Somehow Forgot to Mention that He’s an Illegal Alien, While Insinuating that Gary Condit Killed Her


War crime victim of murder, and almost certainly rape, Chandra Levy. (After one year, it was impossible to test her skeletal remains for rape.)
AP caption: “Chandra Ann Levy of Modesto, CA poses in this undated file photo. Levy vanished April 30, 2001 after completing a federal internship in Washington, DC. Cogressman [sic] Gary Condit (D-CA), said to have had an affair with missing intern Chandra Levy, will speak about the case for the first time publicly August 23, 2001 in a televised interview with ABC''s Connie Chung. (Photo by Getty Images)”

War criminal: Levy's convicted murderer, Ingmar Guandique 

“Chandra Levy Murder: Killer’s Defense, Media, Go to Plan B”;

“Attorneys Jockey to Free Chandra Levy’s Illegal Alien Killer, Ingmar Guandique”; and

“Chandra Levy’s Killer, Ingmar Guandique, Gets New Trial Hearing.”

Thanks to reader-researcher “W,” who writes,

No Justice! The killer should have been executed years ago. Bet he gets off.

The AP somehow forgot to mention that Guandique is an illegal alien from El Salvador, and thus guaranteed to abscond, should he be bonded out.

But the AP remembered to mention “Cogressman [sic] Gary Condit (D-CA),” in an apparent attempt to insinuate that Condit killed her. It looks like the AP is deliberately providing the killer’s defense lawyers with Condit as “Plan B.”

Judge grants new trial in case of man convicted of killing Washington intern Chandra Levy

Associated Press
33 mins ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — A judge on Thursday formally granted a retrial in the case of a man convicted of killing Washington intern Chandra Levy, a move that had been largely expected after prosecutors dropped their opposition to a retrial last month.

D.C. Superior Court Judge Gerald Fisher on Thursday granted a motion for a new trial in the case of Ingmar Guandique, who was convicted in 2010 of killing Levy.

Guandique's attorneys had been pushing for a new trial because they said a key witness in the case gave false or misleading testimony. Prosecutors last month told a judge they believe the jury's verdict was correct but that they would no longer oppose the new-trial request. Prosecutors said at the time that the "passage of time and the unique circumstances of this case" had made opposing a new trial more difficult.

Prosecutors and lawyers for Guandique are scheduled to return to court next week and are expected to set a new trial date then.
Levy's 2001 disappearance created a national sensation after the 24-year-old California native was romantically linked with then-U.S. Rep. Gary Condit. Condit, a California Democrat, was ultimately ruled out as a suspect.

In late 2013, Guandique's lawyers requested a new trial after prosecutors brought to the judge issues with one of their key witnesses, Guandique's one-time cellmate, Armando Morales.

Morales testified that Guandique had confided in him that he was responsible for Levy's death, and because there was no physical evidence linking Guandique to Levy's murder, Morales provided some of the trial's most powerful testimony. But Morales also testified that he didn't know how to come forward with information to law enforcement when, in fact, he had previously provided information.

Guandique's lawyers argued that prosecutors knew or should have known that Morales' testimony was problematic and investigated further. Guandique's lawyers said Thursday they plan to ask for sanctions against prosecutors but did not specify in court what those might be. They also said they intend to argue that Guandique should be released on bond.

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