Friday, June 12, 2015

Fatal Conceit: Robert Tanenbaum’s Last Butch Karp Novel was His Best, and was Inspired by the Benghazi Affair

By David in TN

Robert Tanenbaum published his last Butch Karp novel, Fatal Conceit, in 2014. It's also the best one.

The story takes place during an election campaign. American mission personnel in Chechnya are attacked by terrorists with several killed, and the rest captured and held as hostages. The administration lies about what happened. The acting CIA chief, a former army general, is murdered in a New York City hotel room when he threatens to tell the truth to a congressional committee.

The villains pulling strings are the president's campaign manager (an Axelrod type) and national security chief (a homosexual Ivy League careerist). They try to find and kill a young woman who was having an affair with the dead CIA chief.

New York DA Butch Karp brings the defendants to trial with the administration and MSM denouncing him for "The Politics of Hate" and "political prosecution."

The book ends with a shocking trial, flavored by author Tanenbaum's experience in trying cases.

This novel looks to be based on the Benghazi Affair.

A very good read for followers of WEJB/NSU.

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Anonymous said...

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