Friday, June 05, 2015

DC Black-on-White Mass Murder in the Mansion: Lawmen Like Savvas Savopoulos' Black Chauffeur, Jordan Wallace, as Accomplice

Savvas and Amy Savopoulos, L, and Jordan Wallace

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat and “W”

The unsealing of another search warrant in the quadruple homicide at a D.C. mansion indicates detectives are targeting one of homeowner Savvas Savopoulos' assistants and chauffeur, Jordan Wallace.



At Fox DC.


Anonymous said...

This couple suffered from such an extreme form of altruism, and naivety.They blindly trusted groids.Every day I see black Americans or African nannies at the park pushing little blonde and red haired kids in strollers. Elderly people also have black and immigrant care givers. I find it dam right scary.

Anonymous said...

Something strange about that amount of money extorted too. ONLY $40,000. Usually the bad guys will want an enormous sum delivered to them as payment. That figure far too low for a crime of this magnitude. Somehow that amount linked to a dispute with the businessman.