Sunday, June 14, 2015

CNN Anchor Fredricka Whitfield Called Would-be Cop-Killer in Dallas “Courageous and Brave” Yesterday (with Photos)


Failed would-be cop-killer James Lance Boulware

Boulware’s fan, Fredricka Whitfield, who has since apologized, saying she “misspoke.” Perhaps she hadn’t known at the time that the would-be cop-killer was even whiter than her!

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CNN Anchor Calls Dallas Attack "Brave"
Ryan Gajewski
June 13, 2015 (21 hrs ago)
The Hollywood Reporter

A CNN anchor had a surprising assessment of Saturday's Dallas shooting.

The network's Fredricka Whitfield was speaking to CNN legal analyst Philip Holloway when she offered words of praise for the driver of an armored van who opened fire outside of the Dallas police department's headquarters. The driver was killed by a police sniper.

"It was very courageous and brave, if not crazy as well, to open fire on the police headquarters, and now you have this scene, this standoff," Whitfield said.

Holloway responded by saying: "I think the Dallas police did an excellent job handling this situation, and we're very fortunate that no one other than the suspect was injured."

A CNN rep did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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Anonymous said...


You mean the Colored News Network?

BTW, Whitfield is a native of Montgomery County, Maryland.

The county used to be all white, until AA beneficiaries like her father began to move to the county about 40 years ago.

Wonder what job her held with Uncle Sam? - Prince George's County Ex-Pat

Nicholas said...

Actually, I meant the Communist News Network, but now that you bring it up, maybe your phrasing is more accurate. I've never seen so many beautiful mulattoes in one place.