Saturday, March 03, 2018

Yet Another Racist Serial Killer is Charged; Media Have been Slow to Come Around


War crime victim John Palmer, 54

War crime victim David Lenox, 67

War crime victim Timothy S. Rice, 57

[On August 31, 2017, at WEJB/NSU:

“Is Fredrick Demond Scott Yet Another Black Serial Killer? Kansas City Authorities Believe so; Now, the MSM Must Either Bury Story, or Conjure Up a Passel of White Serial Killers, Real or Imaginary, to Offset Him”; and on the following day:

“Shhh! ‘The reason behind the [five black-on-white serial] killings remains a mystery’—‘Comments have been disabled for this story.’ (No Racist, Serial-Killing, Black, Hate Criminal Has been on the Loose in Kansas City, MO for the Past Year; Repeat, None at All!”]

By Jerry PDX and Reader-Researcher R.C.
Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 9:00:00 P.M. EST

Jerry PDX:

Black racist serial killer Fredrick Demond Scott once threatened to kill “all white people,” then proceeded to kill six of them (that we know of), five men and one woman.

Thanks to Fox news for running this story, no other major media outlet will, so he will still remain in the shadows as all black serial killers do, even if they are racially motivated.


War crime victim Mike Darby, 61


My sister is schizophrenic.

She doesn't pull this shit.


Steven Gibbons, 57, the fifth war crime victim

Karen Harmeyer, 64, was the sixth war crime victim

At Fox News.

Alleged war criminal Fredrick Demond Scott, 22

Alleged war criminal Brandon B. Howell, 37



Anonymous said...

The savage always attacked middle aged whitey men. Felt they were lesser of a threat. The predator animal at work. Attacks those that present the least amount of danger of fighting back.

Anonymous said...

Alleged killers?Maybe only on these murders(and not even then,is "alleged",the right word.How about "assumed"killers?).They've killed before,you can be assured of that.