Friday, March 02, 2018

Pictures of Parent-Victims of Fugitive Central Michigan University Maniac


Murder victim Diva Davis

Murder victim James Eric Davis Sr.



By Reader-Researcher RC

“Five Fast Facts” at

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Friday, March 2, 2018 at 6:19:00 P.M. EST

Six o'clock newscasts show helicopters flying overhead, tracking dogs out and about, but no sign of the killer. Identified victims were his parents, James Sr. and Diva Davis from Illinois. The father was a policeman in suburban Chicago. The parents were driving up to the campus to visit or pick up their son for spring break. Today was the last day of school before that started. Instead, the local coroners had to pick up the parents’ murdered bodies.

Will update if Davis Jr. is found.

N.S.: My hunch: Insanity + drugs + academic problems (he was taking some serious classes). He probably murdered his folks with his father’s gun. “Davis’ Twitter Account Doesn’t Offer Clues as to Why He Might Have Snapped”

The “snapped” mention is a cliché that no serious journalist should use. It usually reflects a lack of knowledge of the psycho in question.

I’ll bet that the Davises were devoted parents. After all, they drove from Illinois to Michigan to pick their kid up, and take him home for spring break. That counts for plenty, in my book. I feel awful for them.

Second hunch: The perp is hiding out not far from the crime scene.

A lefty posted a comment at Heavy, via Facebook:

Heidi J. Bean ·
Works at Providers Network for IHSS Recipients

Nobody is trying to grab your gunz FFS. I;m an Army veteran and I own guns. I bought each and every one legally, and had to wait to possess them until the background check went through (2 weeks, because I live in California.)

I dont have a problem with this, whatsoever.
This mass hysreria that ammosexuals create as their reality, is just sickening. Nobody's taking your penis compensators. Take a chill pill or smoke a joint FFS.
The foregoing comment does not sound at all like it came from a legal gun owner. It reminds me of a leftwing disinformation campaign in the run-up to a presidential election (2012, I believe), in which people would post idiotic, anti-Second Amendment comments at media sites, including the Wall Street Journal, in which they would similarly preface their gun-grabbing spiels with something like, “I’m a lifetime member of the NRA, but…”

However, those comments weren’t as dumb as the one by “Heidi J. Bean,” or whatever her real name is.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Mainstream media: "OK, enough of this story about a black man killing his parents...time for another movie about the Menendez brothers".

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE(WOODTV): The suspect in a double fatal shooting at Central Michigan University on Friday morning is in police custody, according to Central Michigan University’s emergency communications site.

According to the site, he was seen on a train headed through the northern part of campus just after midnight. He was reportedly arrested without incident.