Monday, March 05, 2018

Houston: While I was having sex with my fiancé’s sister I strangled her, but I can explain…


Confessed murderer James Farmer or Jason Farmer, 34, who, if black experience is any gauge, will plead not guilty, if he hasn’t already. We couldn’t find a picture that was clearly Farmer’s victim, as there are pics of a few different Angela Montantes online, and none of the stories we read had any pics of her.

By A Texas Reader

“A man killed his fiancé’s sister Thursday and then led police to her body in a southwest Houston motel room Friday, police said.”

N.S.: I used to routinely save articles like this in the “Weird” folder of my “Crime” files, but the more diverse America becomes, the more routine such crimes also become.

Readers at KPRC/click2houston had a field day.

• • 7 hours ago
Okra Windfree: We need stronger background checks for hands.

• • 8 hours ago
Sean Sanders: When is the wedding?

• • 10 hours ago
JackBennyFan: Gotta hate it when that happens.

• • updated 11 hours ago
Clutch Cargo: So she was thrashing and freaking out because she couldn't breath, and in his mind he was thinking "She is loving this, I'M THE MAN!"

• • 11 hours ago
Tek Helet: Black Panther supporter.

• • 11 hours ago
Itsy Bitsy: Who would have sex with that? He has a fiance? And he is a sex offender. What is wrong with this women?

• • 11 hours ago
Walter Croncat

Reply to @Itsy Bitsy:

Tryin to love two womens is like a ball and chain.
Sometimes teh pleasure ain't worf teh strain.
It's a long old grind, and it tires your mind.

• • 11 hours ago
Clutch Cargo

Reply to @Walter Croncat:
Torn betwixt two lubbers, feelin' like a fool
lubbin' bof 'f yoo is breakin' all the roolez

• • 11 hours ago
Walter Croncat: She should have said teh safe word.

• • 11 hours ago
Clutch Cargo:

Reply to @Walter Croncat: "Harambe"
• • 9 hours ago
Wayne Beaudoin: She must of said something about his small hands.

Man kills fiancee's sister during sex, leads officers to her body, officials say (KPRC/click2houston).

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