Friday, March 30, 2018

Did California Authorities, the Associated Press, and MSN Disappear a Mass Murder-Suicide in California? Acquaintance: Mass Murderers “were the kind of parents this world desperately needs"


The whole socially constructed family. These young people were probably not “siblings,” except in the legal sense. They weren’t biologically related to either of the lesbian, future mass murderers, and most of them don’t look biologically related to each other.

Did “the kind of parents this world desperately needs" commit mass murder-suicide of their six adopted, non-white kids? Did “married” lesbians Jennifer and Sarah Hart create their own little, Jim Jones-Style, People’s Temple of black, mulatto, and other children, and then annihilate them? And are the media (and police) covering for them, because they were PC lesbians?

Jim Jones and the children whom he would presumably slaughter

“Some friends described married couple Jennifer and Sarah Hart as good parents who took their adopted kids to Bernie Sanders rallies, while some neighbors said they called child welfare officials in their rural Washington state community over concerns about…”
Thu, Mar 29, 2018 8:29 p.m.
By Reader-Researcher R.C.

Family famed for protest photo die when SUV goes off cliff

Black Devonte Hart, then 12, hugging white cop, Sgt. Bret Barnum

A family that gained attention for an emotional photograph of an African-American boy hugging a white police officer at a 2014 protest were killed when their SUV plunged off a scenic California highway, authorities said Wednesday as they asked for help figuring out what happened.


Lesbian "marrieds" Jennifer and Sarah Hart: Did they agree to murder the six adoptees, or did one murder the other woman and the six adoptees on her own?

A cracker lesbian couple with a bunch of black kids?

Can you say virtue signaling on 'roids?

And, apparently, no seat belts used?

Child abuse.

By Nicholas Stix

That’s not a family, it’s a social construct!

Red flags jump out of the article below. Are Associated Press operatives Paul Elias and Steven Dubois like kidnapping victims seeking to indirectly cry out for help, without their captors (editors) getting wise to them, or are they deaf, dumb, and blind to facts that are screaming out of their own copy to be noticed?

The first thing—before the People’s Temple of Jim Jones, a white demagogue who was obsessed with leading (and slaughtering) blacks — that I thought of was mass murderer Ellen Brody. Brody committed suicide, mass murder (five), and mass maiming (12), by parking her SUV in the path of a Metro North train, and calmly sitting inside, waiting for it to come. And yet, the media treated the incident as a horrible accident, and her family, instead of dying from shame, are suing Metro North for millions!

To get back to the Hart “family” “accident”:

• There were no signs of the driver trying to brake;
• There was no other vehicle involved;
• No one was wearing seat belts;
• The “married” “parents” had been charged by neighbors with child neglect or abuse in Washington and Minnesota, and kept moving; and
• Except for carefully planned photo ops, the “parents” tried to keep their adopted children from interacting with other people.

The only alternative scenario I can think of is one in which nobody died, or at least nobody was supposed to die, and the white women staged a fake accident, in order for them to all re-appear far away under new names.

I realize that the above scenario sounds crazy, but we are dealing here with people who are both crazy and evil.

Note that the authorities love the notion of being able to “disappear” six or seven murders from their annual crime fakestats.

So, you have to let perverts adopt.

Then you have to let perverts marry.

And then you have to cover up their heinous crimes, because telling the truth would just help the same evil people who opposed letting perverts adopt and marry each other, and we can't have that!

P.S., 6:37 p.m.: Had this been a normal-looking, white, Christian couple with their own, white children, acting the same way (except for the pc photo ops), the kids would have long ago been rescued.

The last thing the authorities want is help figuring out this atrocity.


A chopper searches the coastline for corpses

Family famed for protest photo die when SUV goes off cliff
Associated Press
March 30, 2018

(Video by CBS News)

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A family that gained attention for an emotional photograph of an African-American boy hugging a white police officer at a 2014 protest were killed when their SUV plunged off a scenic California highway, authorities said Wednesday as they asked for help figuring out what happened.

"We have every indication to believe that all six children [sic] were in there," Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allmon said, appealing for tips to retrace where the siblings and two parents had been before the vehicle was found Monday in rocky ocean. "We know that an entire family [sic] vanished and perished during this tragedy."

[There were no children. The lesbians had six present or former adoptees with them, ages 14-19. And there was no family. Two lesbians and six adoptees do not a family make.]

Some friends described married couple Jennifer and Sarah Hart as good parents who took their adopted kids to Bernie Sanders rallies, while some neighbors said they called child welfare officials in their rural Washington state community over concerns about possible abuse or had noticed red flags.

The California Highway Patrol has not determined why the vehicle went off an ocean overlook on a rugged part of coastline. A specialized team of accident investigators was trying to figure that out, Allmon said. "There were no skid marks, there were no brake marks" at the turnout on the Pacific Coast Highway where the vehicle went over, the sheriff said. [That’s because it wasn’t an accident!] Investigators have no reason to believe the crash was intentional, he said. [Sure, they do—the lack of skid or brake marks!] The 100-foot (31-meter) drop killed the women, both 39, and their children Markis Hart, 19; Jeremiah Hart, 14; and Abigail Hart, 14. Hannah Hart, 16; Devonte Hart, 15; and Sierra Hart, 12, have not been found.

The Harts lived in Woodland, Washington, a small city outside Portland, Oregon, and had a recent visit from Child Protective Services, Clark County sheriff's Sgt. Brent Waddell told The Associated Press.

He said the sheriff's office later entered the house and found no obvious signs of trouble or violence. It appeared the family planned a short trip because they left behind a pet, chickens and most of their belongings.

[The lesbian killers knew they wouldn’t be needing any of those things.]

Next-door neighbors Bruce and Dana DeKalb said they called child services Friday because they were concerned that Devonte Hart, who hugged the officer at the protest, was going hungry. They said he had been coming over to their house too often in the past week asking for food.

The DeKalbs also recounted that three months after the family moved into the home on 2 acres with a fenced pasture in May 2017, one of the girls rang their doorbell at 1:30 a.m.

She "was at our door in a blanket saying we needed to protect her," Bruce DeKalb said. "She said that they were abusing her. It haunted my wife since that day."

[If they had been normal white people without pc politics, the children would have been rescued.]

In 2011, Sarah Hart pleaded guilty to a domestic assault charge in Minnesota. Her plea led to the dismissal of a charge of malicious punishment of a child, online court records say.

Bill Groener, 67, was a next-door neighbor of the family when they lived in West Linn, Oregon, and said the kids were home-schooled.

"They stayed indoors most of the time, even in really nice weather," Groener said.

He said the family didn't eat sugar, raised their own vegetables, had animals and went on camping trips.

"There was enough positive there to kind of counteract the feeling that something maybe wasn't quite right," Groener said.

[What was the “positive”? That they were lesbians?]

He said they were neighbors for about two years and that "privacy was a big thing for them."

The family [sic] got attention after Devonte Hart was photographed during a 2014 protest in Portland, Oregon, over a grand jury's decision not to indict a police officer in the shooting of a black man in Ferguson, Missouri.

The boy, holding a "Free Hugs" sign, stood crying. A Portland officer saw his sign and asked if he could have a hug, and an emotional Hart embraced him in a picture that was widely shared.

At the time, Jennifer Hart wrote on social media: "My son has a heart of gold, compassion beyond anything I've ever experienced, yet struggles with living fearlessly when it comes to the police. ... He wonders if someday when he no longer wears a 'Free Hugs' sign around his neck, when he's a full-grown black male, if his life will be in danger for simply being."

The family traveled to many festivals throughout the area — including events for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders — and were known for wearing matching T-shirts.

Zippy Lomax, a Portland photographer who knew the Harts, told the Oregonian/ that the reaction to the 2014 photo overwhelmed them, with negative attention focused on the multiracial family with lesbian parents.

[She’s a bald-faced liar. The lesbian, future mass-murderers were almost universally celebrated. Ah, but for a lyin’ lefty like Zippy Lomax, AA group members are all under constant fire, just like Hillary in that Bosnian airport.]

"They kind of closed off for a while, honestly," Lomax told the newspaper.
But she added that "Jen and Sarah were the kind of parents this world desperately needs."

[But as the AP operatives just reported, the lesbian, future mass-murderers always alternated between keeping their adoptees prisoner, and trotting them out for photo ops.

Yes, the world desperately needs mass murderers to be parents!]
James reported from Woodland, Washington. AP reporter Steven Dubois in Portland, Oregon, and Phuong Le in Seattle also contributed.


Chicago guy said...

How do people like this manage to acquire these kids? Are these black and mixed race children so plentiful they're up for grabs? Who are the biological parents? Rather strange.

Anonymous said...

If you're a fu*ked up couple,they give them to you with every box of Cracker Jack purchased.
I've never understood why kids are given to non-hetero couples.That's like giving guns to criminal felons.
Nothing good can happen in either situation.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood Elites like to collect black children. Its a status symbol that the MSM just love.

Imagine two "Mommy Dearest" under the same roof?

Anonymous said...

This one is definitely being hushed up, unlike that strange white Christian family where the dad had a ridiculously outdated hairdo straight out of "The Monkees" the other month who kept their kids prisoners in So. Cal. At work there is an obnoxious, big mouth lesbian in a so called "marriage" who is collecting crack babies through the foster care system to form her own instant multicultural Von Trapp family. From her endless harangues it seems her prime motivation seems to be to prove something to straight people about her perverted life style. The kids are little monsters, getting kicked out of one preschool after another. One is a white kid taken away from some addict who looks just like Timmy from South Park, the booze and drugs in utero did something to him. The other is black and has a name very similar to the Sanford FL "NoLimitN****" whose demise started it all. The black one stabbed another kid at daycare in the back with a pencil breaking the skin in his expulsion from one place that necessitated yet another "family emergency" absence by this lesbian from her job. I certainly hope her lesbian lover she's playing house with is also on board with her collection of these crack babies that are turning their lives upside down with their monstrous misbehavior and endless drama. She might well bale out and find a happy child free lesbian to shack up with and live a carefree gay life with evenings spent at the local lesbian coffeehouse listening to other dykes strum the acoustic guitar while drinking Chablis.

Anonymous said...

This is just another SAD & TRAGIC story in the de-moralization of the USA! For years these RUG Munchers have been on the Radar of Child Protective Agencies in multiple States! In this case, like thousands of others, the welfare of the kids was tertiary to advancement of the Political Correctness Nazis and Social Justice Sissies platform of normalizing deviancy! CPS agency turned a blind eye to neglect and abuse and even promoted Dyke1 and Dyke 2 as exeplerary "parents" in order to push the Deviancy is good Platform! Raising children and doing a good job of it requires significantly more than just the ability to fertilize an egg or carry the bay for nine months and it should be obvious that neither a woman who sexually desires another women's punany or a man who sexually desires to bugger another man's sphincter do not posses ANY of this capacity! Every statistic show that children have the greatest chance of becoming normal and good adults when they are raised by a father and a mother and thing go to hell in a hand basket when bob and Steve or Leslie and Bonita become the parents of a child! But in our FUBARed SJW world the norm has become a fantasy, a delusion, of twisted thoughts where people create a reality based on "feelings" and "thoughts" on how they wish reality to be rather than the statistics, facts and Truth! Studies show that all of the LGBTQRSTTW..... class are many times more likely to be murdered by their partners, have much greater rates of suicide and mental illness and are many times more likely to have substance abuse problems yet the PC/SJW crowd thinks and demands the rest of us to agree that it is a good thing to have these troubled folks, who cant handle the burdens of life in taking care of themselves, to adopt children? Feeling, Wishing, Thinking and Demanding that a politically correct world is the way it should be doesn't change the facts of how it really is no matter how loud you scream it as the truth will always be proven in the end and sadly tragedies like this will become more common as deviancy becomes normalized! Contrary to Also Nova, life is not a fantasy!