Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Voodoo in America: Black Mother Slaughters Her Two Sons in Murder Gone Awry


Latarsha Sanders' mug shot

By A Texas Reader

Investigators allege Sanders confessed to finding a kitchen knife, and then stabbing the two boys as part of a voodoo ritual. Relatives and neighbors alike said Sanders often spoke about the Illuminati and her interest in voodoo.

Woman allegedly confesses to killing 2 young sons in voodoo ritual gone awry

Latarsha Sanders allegedly told police she brutally stabbed her two sons to death as part of a voodoo ritual.



Anonymous said...

What about the other 32 kids she probably has?Maybe they should dig up the backyard.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Speaking of voodoo,blacks and stupidity--a perfect segue to nancy pelosi's little story she told yesterday(seen by me on "Tucker Carlson"last night).
"My grandson had a birthday party recently,during which he was given a birthday cake to make a wish.I asked him what he wished for and pointing at his Salvadoran friend,he said,'I wish I had dark skin.'"
"I thought that was so beautiful and he's right--his friend DOES have beautiful skin."Then she basically said darker skin is preferred over white.
Is Pelosi another Rachel Dolezal?A self hating white,nutjob?Maybe senility has hit.Many speeches she makes now are racial commentary now--and anti-white.
"The Republicans want to make America white again."That was 2 weeks ago,which I posted.Now this one.
Hard to figure the motive at her age.
--GR Anonymous