Friday, February 03, 2017

Unpaid, Twitter Detective in Europe (!) Does the Work that UC Berkeley, UCBPD, the City of Berkeley, and the MSM All Refused to Do, and Tracked Down One of the Berkeley Campus Terrorists! And You’ll Never Believe Who He is!


Terrorism suspect Ian Dabney Miller, who lives in Oakland

By Nicholas Stix

UC Berkeley officials reacted to the brutal, anarchist riots on campus on Wednesday night, by claiming to know who the rioters were, saying that they were from Oakland, and that no campus people were involved. First of all, if UC officials knew that the thugs were from Oakland, it should have properly prepared for them, mobilized additional help from the Berkeley PD, and made mass arrests.

One did not need to be clairvoyant, to know that violent people were coming to shut down the event, a planned speech by flamboyant, conservative, political personality Milo Yiannopolous.

The organizers paid an extra $10,000 for security, but got cheated out of their money, when campus security/police and Berkeley police all stood down, and let the thugs riot at will, beating at least one person almost to death in front of countless witnesses. Those security/LEOs were all ordered to stand down, and whoever ordered them to stand down is criminally and civilly liable for the mayhem that ensued. That would include UCB Chancellor Janet Napolitano, Berkeley Jesse Arreguin, UC Berkeley Chief of Police Margo Bennett, and Berkeley Interim Chief of Police Andrew Greenwood.

[Postscript: 7:30 p.m.: There is also a smoking gun tweet by Mayor Arreguin, from before the riot, that can be easily interpreted as inciting violence. (If you hit the tweet, you'll see that the Mayor posted it at 5:01 p.m. Pacific time.)


In any event, campus people were among the rioters, including at least one campus employee.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The rioters came from Oakland. Funny. The rioters were almost all whitey. Too dangerous for a whitey to live in Oakland. Maybe what they mean is they gathered in Oakland and then marched on the campus. Sure.

Anonymous said...

If you are under attack and the police and security "stand down" you have every right to defend yourself. And use ANY MEANS NECESSARY TO DO SO.

Anonymous said...

If this Miller is indeed an employee of the university and rioted on campus, I would supposed the university could be held legally responsible.