Saturday, February 04, 2017

Short Video: Watch Radical Leftist Federal Judge James Robarts Announce in Court, “Black Lives Matter”


Anonymous said...

He's definitely not for his own race,the police or a United States that
needs a revamping.A certified RINO.
Meanwhile,can you believe THIS?

NBC Accused of ‘Whitewashing’ by National Association of Black Journalists After Tamron Hall Exit as Network Defends Its Diversity Record

The story is Meygn Kelly,signed to a huge contract,is taking over the 3rd hour of the always horrific "Today Show".
I'm not that old,but old enough to remember,when from 7 to 9am,this program had some substance.When you have Al Roker running around like he owns the place and airhead Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer acting like they're hosting "TV for Dummies",some improvements were warranted.Hall and Roker were insufferable.
So NBC gets assailed because Hall was traded for Kelly."No whites allowed?"
---or what?The NABJ are obviously racist and ignorant.
I've listed all the reporters,anchors and hosts on NBC.It has to be a majority of minorities(on air)easily.
But how times have changed.They call it whitewashing,but it's actually blackballing--blacks trying to keep whites from being hired ANYWHERE!!!
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

40 % of the shootings by police are of colored people in cities where only 20 % of the population is negro. That is because they commit more crime and the crime is of a much more egregious nature. Markedly so as it is deemed.

They punch you, knock you down and are not satisfied, they then try to stomp you to death.


Just a plain old ordinary stupid judge.

Anonymous said...

Ninth Circus court. Most extremely liberal in the nation. Figures.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
As I've always said, it boils down to the negro inability to understand basic math. They think 13% equals 75% and most whites are too cowardly to tell them otherwise. The whites with the guts to tell them the truth are then dogpiled on by racist negroes and their cowardly white lackeys.