Friday, February 03, 2017

Domestic Terrorist (Graphic)

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Anonymous said...

Domestic terrorists,Civil War.Lots of possibilities now because of our past immigration policy,the one where we let Muslims and Mexicans in by the millions.
So where do we stand this afternoon?According to Zerohedge,Iran has flipped the proverbial finger at Trump by testing more ICBms.Trump had put them "on notice."
What's the next step?An Israeli/USA tag team on the nuclear facilty?Casual bombing to make a point?
We know 2 things:
1)President Trump doesn't like to get shown up.
2)He said this week,"In order to clean up the world,things may have to get a little messy at first."
Which leads to ramifications.By going into an Islamic country with force,do the Muslims in THIS country attack and riot,as the blacks have done the last two years?
Trump mentioned sending troops into Mexico to get rid of drug cartels,but such a move would certainly cause Mexicans to revolt in the US,wouldn't it?
By allowing the proliferation of these groups in our country,options to defend ourselves and others,appear to have at least a potential of unintended consequences here at home.
--GR Anonymous