Wednesday, February 01, 2017

De-Policing in France: French Police Give North African Moslem Immigrants Carte Blanche to Commit Crimes Against Chinese Immigrants

By Jesse Mossman

I recently wrote about Chinese and Jews on your site, mentioning that both groups are resented for their success by underclasses. That is exactly what this article says—Chinese in France being targeted by North African gangs because of their success:
"While the crime rate grows, local migrants from North Africa have been unafraid to voice their prejudices.

One told the programme: "That’s the way it is. I don’t like the Chinese."

Another added: "The Chinese have become too rich in France. That’s not fair. They have nice clothes and big cars."

Despite this visible hostility, police have largely refused to intervene while locals have complained that security services rarely investigate many of the crimes.
Of course Muslim criminals get a pass: "Mr Chevrier added that authorities often took an extremely 'passive attitude' toward anything going on within 'Muslim communities.'"

N.S.: Anytime a white nation permits violent non-whites to immigrate into it, or for violent non-whites to migrate within it, de-policing results.

Powerful native interests will always support the violent non-whites, cloaking their murderous intent in the rhetoric of compassion and tolerance, asserting that the invaders are not the perpetrators of racism and crime, but the victims thereof, and will use them as an occupying army to terrorize the whites, wherever the invaders are permitted to settle.


Anonymous said...

Who does the Muslim not resent? They resent everyone!

They see the Chinese too as easy targets. Can be pushed around and abused.

And the Muslim with their sick and perverted mentality enjoy abusing others.

Economic success of the Chinese is a small part of the equation. Mostly the Muslim just likes abusing others.

Anonymous said...

This occurs in Denmark too. Greenlanders in Denmark easy marks for the Muslim and subject to attack and beatings all the time. Who would have ever thought such a thing?