Thursday, February 02, 2017

CNN/DPUSA Activist Gloria Borger’s Rants Charging That President Trump is Insane are Bearing Fruit: Former Obama Official Maps Outlines Plans for Sedition, Including Playing the “Crazy Card”

(Rosa Brooks is a Georgetown Law professor, and the daughter of Barbara Ehrenreich, co-founder—with Michael Harrington—of Democratic Socialists of America.)

About a week-and-a-half ago, I saw Gloria Borger say on CNN about President Trump’s staff, “They would rotate people in and out, to calm him.”

So, according to Borger, the President is insane. A couple of days later, during a January 24 group hatefest at CNN, she referred to the President as “delusional,” while her colleagues alternated between “liar” and “delusional.”

Well, Borger & Co.’s abuse has borne fruit, as the twit and linked rant above show.

It’s an old Soviet Communist trick to brand anyone disagreeing with Party dogma as “insane.”

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Anonymous said...

Assassinate, military coup, impeach, insane, etc.

What next? Have they no shame?

I am hearing things I never thought I would ever hear.