Friday, October 07, 2016

Nicholas Stix: The Genocidal Racists at the SPLC are Celebrating the Silencing of Legendary Scourge of Racial Socialism, Rickey Vaughn, at Twitter; Please Help Me Fight Them!


I just got a fundraising letter (see below) from the Southern Poverty Law Center, coauthored by notorious race hoaxer, Keegan Hankes.

The SPLC has a war chest of $200 million. It promotes the destruction of America and the West, through genocide against the white race.

I have been fighting the SPLC for many years. Back in 2008, my old SPLC friend, Mark Potok, insinuated that I was a Nazi, while trying to get legendary, Baltimore radio talk show host Ron Smith (may he rest in peace) fired from his Baltimore Sun column, merely for mentioning me! A “well-known white nationalist,” he called me.

That was in a letter to the editor of the Baltimore Sun, which ran about double the Sun’s official word count. I wrote a response, but the letters editor (whose name I can’t recall), insisted that I adhere to the much shorter official word count for letters to the editor. I told him that I would either get the same word count as Mark, or it was no dice. No dice.

The editor was obviously an ally of Mark’s.

Well, Mark failed to get Ron fired, though the Sun did censor some of his manuscripts. Unfortunately, however, the Bic C succeeded, where Mark Potok and the Sun’s letters editor failed, in taking the brilliant and courageous Ron Smith from us in 2012.

But 36 years after publishing my first essay in Statesman, my school paper at SUNY Stony Brook—which required that I harass its editors—I’m still here. In other words, I’ve probably been writing longer than Ricky has been drawing breath, and have been writing online since January, 2000.

That first essay was about a feminist takeover of the Administration Building, led by a treacherous former friend of mine. I’ve since published thousands of exposés, articles, essays and reviews, which I guestimate run well over 3,000,000 words. (An article on Donald Trump should be running in a few hours at VDARE.)

Whereas the corrupt, racist, treasonous SPLC somehow requires $200 million, I don’t even require $200,000. But I do require very modest funding, in order to pay the mortgage, feed my hungry babies, and reassure one of them (The Boss) that this is a serious concern, so that she doesn’t turn me out. And winter’s coming!

Please hit the PayPal donate button, and send a generous donation.

Thanks, in advance!

Alt-Right Celebrity @Ricky_Vaughn99 Suspended From Twitter
By Keegan Hankes & Alex Amend
October 06, 2016

@Ricky_Vaughn99, one of the most prolific and longstanding Alt-Right personalities on Twitter, was suspended from the platform yesterday.
The pseudonymous account, created in January 2014, boasted around 62,000 followers and 221,000 tweets. It was identified in February by MIT’s Lab for Social Machines as the 107th most powerful influencer in the 2016 election. That’s higher than a stable of political figures and news outlets including @nbcnews and @nytpolitics.

Screenshot of a @Rick_Vaughn99 tweet celebrating the growing visibility of white nationalist and neo-Nazi publications, all part of the nebulous "Alt-Right" movement.

@Ricky_Vaughn99 openly embraced hate group leaders early and often ––all while maintaining an appeal among mainstream conservatives.


He appeared on Richard Spencer’s Radix Podcast on January 30. At the time of his appearance, the account had 13,000 followers. The two discussed Trump and the unique power of Twitter to spread their ideas. @Ricky_Vaughn99 also described his political evolution online, one that resembles many of the Alt-Right's adherents:
I began as sort of a deracinated libertarian before the start of the first Ron Paul for president campaign. From there, I started consuming the anti-feminist blogs of the manosphere. I never really bought into feminism. From there, around the time of the Trayvon incident, I was linked to My Posting Career from Chateau Heartiste. At that time I realized what a con job the media was playing on all of us, and how the mainstream race propaganda was all bullshit. So from there I began to explore the different facets of cultural Marxism. The Jewish role in subversion, homosexuality, et cetera.
Twitter is allegedly fielding bids for a sale this week, causing speculation that @Ricky_Vaughn99’s suspension is an attempt to sanitize its image. Potential buyers are rumored to include Google, Salesforce, and Disney. Neo-Nazi internet sleuths from the Daily Stormer see the chronology of @Ricky_Vaughn99's suspension as evidence of yet another Jewish conspiracy.

“Presumably either of these Jewish companies would get a lot more hardcore on censorship than Twitter has been so far, but they certainly don’t want to spend billions on a company that is just going to collapse,” wrote Andrew Anglin [N.S.: of the Daily Stormer]. “Maybe part of negotiations was ‘ban one of these anti-Semitic and racist Trump supporters so we can see what happens.”

Anglin was banned from Twitter for misconduct during the Missouri student protests last year over a lack of response to a string of bias [hoaxes] incidents from university officials. He led misinformation [?] campaigns with the help of his readers, seeding false information to disrupt protestors using the platform to organize.


Briefly last night, the hashtag #FreeRicky was the top trend on Twitter before falling to #NLWildCard and #AddSportsRuinAMovie.

More recently, in July, Twitter permanently banned Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos for leading a campaign of harassment against comedian Leslie Jones that led her to briefly quit the platform in disgust. Yiannopoulos is a self-appointed leader of the Alt-Right who co-wrote a controversial primer that whitewashed the racism at the heart of the nebulous ideology. Yiannopoulos' involvement in the Alt-Right brand is a continuing source of angst for other leaders like Anglin, who declared a “Crusade” against the “kike infiltrator,” and Spencer, presumably because Milo has gotten more press. 

Twitter has not announced the specific reason for @Ricky_Vaughn99’s suspension, but his fans and followers are users who frequently harass others, including journalists who happen to be Jewish, conservatives who balk at open white nationalism, pejoratively labeled “>cuckservatives," and "Social Justice Warriors." Instead of banning thousands of accounts Twitter seems to be taking aim at perceived leaders of the worst actors on the platform.

During a discussion of digital platform censorship @Ricky_Vaughn99 told Spencer:

A Twitter account can get banned at any time. …. I’m going to keep doing Twitter. Maybe I’ll set up a backup where people can congregate if Twitter bans people, but Twitter is the best way to reach people, so I’m going to keep doing it until I get banned.

His premonition has finally come true.


Rodger James said...

If you want to fight them join the rest of the deplorable who are fleeing to Gab. It is growing quickly.

Also Previous CEO of Mozilla who was fired because he donated to the California drive to stop same sex marriage has created a new web browser called Brave. The promise is the keep it free from the PC crowd. I am using it now on my iPad. I have also installed on my PC.

if you would like help follow me at Gab @rodgerjames

There really re things we can do.

Anonymous said...

Last one for today.
You had a post about Nate Parker,the director of the new blaxploitation movie "Birth of a Nation".
USA Today(unbelievably),had an article about Parker,that reported,in 2007 he allegedly raped a woman.It's not clear how the legalities evolved,but in 2012--she committed suicide,and the case was over.
How convenient.

Anonymous said...

"my old SPLC friend, Mark Potok, insinuated that I was a Nazi"

Anyone who disagrees with Mark is a Nazi. Mark, please sir, cease and desist