Friday, October 21, 2016

Voters are Faced with a Simple Choice

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Letters: Readers examine national candidates, issues
October 19, 2016

Will America remain a sovereign nation? Or not? That is the momentous choice voters face in November. Thanks to the latest WikiLeaks “document dump,” Hillary Clinton’s steadfast refusal to provide transcripts of her many paid Wall Street speeches explains itself. There is, for example, this excerpt from her $225,000 speech in New York to a Brazilian bank in 2013: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders ...”

Hillary Clinton’s dream of open borders is much closer to reality than a few years ago. Recall President Obama’s sweeping, unilateral executive amnesties for millions of illegal aliens. Hillary Clinton promises to expand on the amnesties. To truly distinguish herself, however, she is going to increase the flow of Syrian refugees by 550 percent: “I would like to see us move from what is a good start, from 10,000 [per year] to 65,000 ...”

That’s the simple choice facing voters. Sovereignty, a nation-state, with Trump. Or open borders with Hillary Clinton. That’s her dream. Voters need to decide if it’s also their dream.

Tom Shuford, Lenoir


Chicago guy said...

It's personally very disheartening to have to hear the babble that comes out of the mouths of all the masses of low-information and no-information people that one encounters. Unfortunately that seems to be the majority of Americans. Only a small percent of the population seems to try to keep up with current events or tries to learn anything beyond what they were fed in school. Most of the internet population is over at the entertainment sites. It's frustrating but political debate in this country is at the mental level of a twelve year old.

Anonymous said...

If women vote for Clinton,then Trumps viewpoint of them is validated.Any woman,who has taken an investigatory look at Clinton's past,with an objective eye,would never cast a vote for her.Scandals that were covered up,ineptitude and the fact that no one can trust a word she's saying-on any subject,would make supporting her impossible.She will not change her behavior--it is cast in stone.Expect more of what she's the future.
After acknowledging that,a vote for Clinton,can only be attributed to "ism",the same "ism" that propelled Obama to president.His was racism--Hillary Clinton's will be sexism,the belief by a majority of the female population,that we need a woman POTUS.
But as racism was a poor reason for blacks to vote for Obama,the current "ism" is a worse reason to vote for HRC.
--GR Anonymous