Thursday, October 20, 2016

Did Trump-Hating Dem Talking Head Julie Roginsky Tell a Whopper Today on Harris Faulkner’s Fox News Show?

By Nicholas Stix

Roginsky asserted that one of Donald Trump’s sons had told her that the Trumps do business in Russia, and have gotten money from Russia.

The Trumps have all denied that they have any property or businesses in Russia, or any dealings with the country.

Roginsky’s motive was transparent: To counteract the proven fact that the Clinton Foundation has taken millions of dollars in bribes donations from horrible Arab Moslem countries that oppress woman and slaughter homosexuals.

That no one punched out Roginsky made clear that although Faulkner had a stage full of four guests, she had no Trump diehards.

Is it possible that the Trumps lied? I don’t know, but I do know that if Faulkner’s panel had had any balance, someone would have vociferously contradicted Roginsky.

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