Friday, October 21, 2016

Wolf Blitzer Just Turned Reality Upside Down, Asserting that Donald Trump Picked a Fight with Jihadi Parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan

By Nicholas Stix

Khizr Khan picked a fight with Trump in Khan’s Democratic National convention speech, and he repeatedly picked fights with Trump, thereafter, even giving his wife permission to attack Trump.

The occasion for Blitzer’s lie was his promotion of a Hillary Clinton TV ad, in which Khizr Khan again baits Trump.

CNN speaks of “an emotional Khizr Khan.” The Washington Post calls the spot, “incredibly powerful.” That’s because Khan weeps on cue.

This is pathetic. The man has attacked Trump so many times, in so many theatrical set ups that no honest, sentient adult who wasn’t already a Trump-hater could find them at all moving.

The Khan-Con got tiresome last summer. It’s now one month into the fall.

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Anonymous said...

Trump stayed non-traditional all the way--right to the end,saying F U to the establishment and their obviously contrived assassins,Khan,Miss Universe and the "gropees".He said what he wanted--I actually wished he was TOUGHER on Khan and had called him a paid Hillary plant.An actor,a fraud.
He fired a salvo at the last debate (which I loved),about not accepting election results.
Now at the Al Smith banquet,he again thumbed his nose at the norm.
As I type this,Larry Sabato is on Fox saying,"No way for Trump's chances of coming back."
-Investors Business Daily and Rasmussen have him ahead slightly.How can that be possible,except for method of polling.Anymore blockbuster Wikileaks coming?Or Brexit jr?Fingers crossed in Grand Rapids.
--GR Anonymous