Wednesday, October 19, 2016

MSM: We’re Voting for Hillary, and We Think She Blew Trump Out of the Water Tonight!

By Nicholas Stix

At CNN, all of the lefty panelists, e.g., Obama Svengali David Axelrod and communist Van Jones, were asserting that the third and last debate was a “disaster” for Trump.

They are all playing off Trump’s refusal to say he’ll concede if the numbers say he lost. The same people who supported Al Gore’s attempt to steal the 2000 election are shocked, shocked, that Trump wouldn’t agree to concede.


Anonymous said...

My last comment on the debate.Some people upset (artificially)that Trump said he would or would not question the results of the election-while still in the heat of battle.Stupid question.What is Trump going to do?Prevent Clinton from taking the oath of office in some way?Non issue.
HRC was like a prosecutor last night,performing a closing argument on each piece of evidence(or topic)in the case against Trump.She droned on and was relentless.The only thing Trump did was call the prosecutor--a liar.That doesn't win too many court cases.Wikileaks was neutralized,partially by the Russian argument,but also because there are no massive blockbusters in there.
Something needs to come out that makes Clinton's alternative lifestyle an issue--in her own words...and soon.
-GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I thought it was my tablet,but you were asking on Twitter (which I saw by accident on Google)if anyone was having trouble posting?Yes.Takes many attempts."Internet has stopped" comes up...fortunately I save my text,but it IS difficult.