Thursday, October 20, 2016

In Case You were Wondering Why Hillary Clinton Looked so Cute Last Night

By Nicholas Stix and @DiamondandSilk

Diamond and Silk® ‏@DiamondandSilk 15h15 hours ago
Hey Y'all, take a good look at your television, it looks like they have a filter on Hillary, that's why you see no wrinkles in her face.

@DiamondandSilk I was wondering why she looked so cute. That old crush I’d had for her, back in '92, was coming back. I thought it was because I was in bed, 10' away from the screen.

Back in the 1930s and early 1940s, in Hollywood, that trick was called “soft focus” photography. When the cameraman turned to a close-up of a fading female star, he’d either turn the lens a little, to make the picture less clear, or cover it with a fine layer of gauze, to make it harder for viewers to see the star’s aging face.

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Anonymous said...

That was for her GF,Mrs Weiner.
Quite an Al Smith roast tonight.Trump started with great jokes..."We're here before a crowd of 1,000...or the biggest crowd Hillary's spoken in front of this year."
"Hillary was very courteous before the event today,as we went to enter the dais,she bumped into me and said'pardon me.'"
He then quickly went to how Hillary was so corrupt,"she got kicked off the Watergate committee."
Then remarked,"Hillary is doing a fine job of pretending she likes Catholics."
Another remark about,"it takes a village,is true.The Clinton Foundation took a lot of them in Haiti."
Hillary came on and made some Trump jokes:"He says he's healthy as a horse--the one Vladmir Putin rides on."
She got dark also."If the dinner doesn't turn out like you want,it must be rigged."
"Most people look at the Statue of Liberty and see a symbol of freedom...Donald looks at the Statue of Liberty and sees a 4."
"A third grade student said he couldn't turn in his homework,because they're under audit."
Rudy Giuliani got ripped--and didn't like it.
Then she lectured everyone about "building bridges,not walls."
"Divisive talk."
And Maria Bartiromo's boobs were EVERYWHERE!
Quite a little dinner.
--GR Anonymous