Sunday, October 16, 2016

Reader Writes that Essay on Charles Murray and Class Warriors vs. Trump is “75% my life”


Charles Murray at the National Press Club, on September 26, 2016

[Re: “Outer Boroughs Affect: Why Snobs Like Charles Murray Won’t Vote for Trump (Despite Agreeing with Him).”]

Beautifully written, and 75% my life (I'm not Jewish), growing up in NYC, PS 41 and IS 70, 60's and 70's, then off to Pittsburgh and Montana, logger and North Dakota oil rig worker, then on to Hollywood, standup comedian, on to SNL as a writer, now writing and directing movies... but will do anything I can to protect my two young daughters from the rolling negative fallout we are seeing caused by self-appointed elites, most living behind gates, who are cheerleading the (I feel ruinous) changes to our glorious America. Articles like yours make me feel less alone in my thinking.

N.S. responds: Based on the responses I’ve been getting over almost 17 years of writing on the Web, what I’ve seen other writers and outlets (VDARE, American Renaissance, etc.) get, and above all, this election campaign, there are tens of millions of Americans with similar experiences and sentiments, brother. It’s just that we’ve been “disappeared” from public life, as preparation for the big disappearance. Let’s hope we can prevail, one way or another.


tr said...


Big fan- who was that SNL writer? Did they leave a name? Any idea?

Anonymous said...

The huge point:The hypocrites that "live behind gates" spot on.The hypocrites and phony liberals want the lower to middle class whites to suffer the consequences of living with black,Mexican and Muslim garbage,while they live far AWAY from the areas they promote,as equal.
If THEY lived with the demographic groups they avoid(and for good reason they do not),then they could put a feather in their caps --and call liberalism a success.But they don't,of course.However,I'm not angry at the rich and powerful,for avoiding those groups--I'm angry that I can't avoid them either.