Sunday, October 16, 2016

Killadelphia Education News: 17-Year-Old Philadelphia Student Died Thursday After Fight with School Staff

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

17-Year-Old Philadelphia Student Dies After Altercation With School Staff, Police Say

WBAL Radio 1090 AM - (PHILADELPHIA) – “A 17-year-old Philadelphia student died Thursday after an altercation with school staff, police said.Staff members at Wordsworth Academy in the West Philadelphia neighborhood of...”

If the school has "academy" in its name then it's gotta be in the 'hood or barrio.

N.S.: That’s exactly what I thought, when I read, “Academy.” Such school names are euphemisms which, after brief periods of success, unwittingly drive home exactly the reality they are used to hide.


Anonymous said...

An altercation what they call it probably a savage and barbaric attack by the student on staff and staff only defended themselves.

The Academy, the Preparatory School, the School of Excellence, etc.

Anonymous said...

Was probably on drugs.

The Institute of Higher Educational Excellence.