Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thousands of Pieces of Mail Dumped in Woods; USPS Launches Investigation

By “W”


N.S.: Blacks took over the post offices generations ago, and that’s what they do.


Anonymous said...

"That's where my mail at."

Anonymous said...

All the time and for decades this has occurred and has been so on a massive basis.

My mother used to have sort through returned brochures and catalogs from the place where she worked. Returned because "change of address" Interleaved between the pages of the brochures and catalogs letters and letters placed there by the mail handlers. Too lazy to deliver the mail so just put between the pages of the brochures and catalogs and hope someone just throws the stuff away. Every DAY my mother returned a milk crate of mail to the letter carrier. To no avail. The practice never ceased.

Anonymous said...

This is why absentee ballot is a bad idea. Among many reasons why. Too much chance of poor handling and downright destruction. Absentee ballot used to be used ONLY in the most extreme of circumstances. That practice gone now. Too bad too.